Scholarships from German foundations 2018


Below, we have summarized the most important scholarships from German foundations for Thai students and researchers, ranging from undergraduate to post-doctoral support. Please note:

  • both above-average academic achievement and political/social engagement are necessary for a successful application
  • all subjects offered at state or state-recognized universities in Germany are accepted. Exemption: Medicine or Pharmacy or Dentistry (see respective websites for more information on these subjects)
Foundation Target group Eligibility Benefits Duration Application deadline Further information
Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES)-associated with the Social Democratic Party (SPD), centre-left
  • students who actively work for freedom, justice and social cohesion in their commitment to social democracy
  • undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students
German level at C1 or TestDaF 4 or DSH-2
  • undergraduate: 750 € per month
  • graduate: 850 € per month
  • PhD: 1200 € per month
  • 276 € of family allowance, if applicable
  • refund of health care costs
  • (under-)graduate: regular period of study
  • PhD: 2 to 3 years, extension possible
  • diploma/magister/state examination: by the end of 6th semester
  • undergraduate: until 3rd semester if standard study period is 6 semesters
  • graduate: by end of 1st semester
  • PhD: any time possible

For undergraduates and graduates, German

For PhD students, German

Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBS)

-associated with the Green Political Party, centre-left

  • students who value democracy, human rights, ecology, sustainability and non-violence
  • graduate and PhD students
German level at B1 or DSH-2
  • graduate: 850 € per month plus various individual allowances
  • PhD: 1,200 € per month, plus 100 € mobility allowance per month, plus various individual allowances
  • funding of tuition in certain cases possible
  • graduate: regular period of study, may be extended at most by 1 year
  • PhD: 2 years as a rule, may be extended twice at most by half a year
  • graduate: by the end of the 1st semester
  • for online application (graduate and PhD): 1st march
Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS)

-associated with the Christian Democratic Union(CDU), centre-right

  • students with an interest in political issues concerning democracy and human rights
  • graduate, PhD students and research stays
  • age limit of 30 years
  • German B2 or high score in Test-DaF/DSH exam
  • graduates: 850 € per month
  • PhD and research stays: 1100 € per month
  • plus health care subsidies and family supplement for spouse and children, if applicable
  • graduates: standard funding period is 2 years
  • PhD: standard funding period is 3 years
  • research stays: at least 6 months
  • the minimum period in scholarship program is one year and the remaining length of your studies or research in Germany has to be at least two semesters
  • for domestic online application: June to July 15
  • for international conference application see regional KAS office


Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLS)

-associated with the democratic-socialist Left Party, left-wing to far-left

  • students interested in public awareness, enlightenment and social critique, who are engaged in the workers’ and women’s movements, as well as anti-fascism and anti-racism
  • graduate, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers
German B2 or better
  • graduates: 850 € per month
  • PhD: 1200 € per month, plus 100 € mobility allowance
  • plus 20 € for incidental expenses per month and up to 86 € for health insurance per month
  • graduates: regular period of study, may be extended
  • PhD: 2 years as a rule, may be extended twice at most by half a year.
  • 1st April for students starting in the following winter semester
  • 1st October for students starting in the following summer semester

For Graduates, German

For PhD students, German

Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNS)

-associated with the Free Democratic Party (FDP), centre-right

  • students who value individual freedom and organized liberalism
  • graduate and PhD students
  • haven’t lived in Germany for more than 15 months (except for study or research purposes)
  • B2 or better recommended, but no official certification needed
  • graduates: 850 € per month
  • PhD: 1200 € per month
  • subsidies for health insurance
  • graduates: initially for 2 semesters/one year, extensions until the completion of degree can be requested
  • PhD: 1 to 3 years
  • April 30th for students starting in the following winter semester
  • 31st  October for students starting in the following summer semester


Catholic Academic Exchange Service (KAAD)
  • Catholic Christian students or suggested by Catholic partner organization
  • orientation of studies or research towards permanent reintegration in home region (otherwise the scholarship is turned into a loan)
  • graduate, PhD students, postdoc-research project
  • already earned degree and professional experience in home country or already studying at German university
  • good German language skills required
For application deadline and procedure contact:

Nationales Partnergremium Rev. Dr. Martin Komolmas KAAD Committee Thailand Assumption Business Administration College (ABAC) Huamark Bangkok 10240


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